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30% of people filing bankruptcy do not use an attorney. Is this a good idea? Click here to see what the Federal Court report on self-filers.

Why use a Bankruptcy  Attorney?  Your bankruptcy petition is not just a package of forms filled out by a clerk.  Your bankruptcy petition is in fact a summary of your financial history, your declaration of your assets and your petition made to a FEDERAL COURT for a determination of your rights to keep your property and obligations to creditors.  YOU SIGN THIS PETITION UNDER PENALTY OF PERJURY and submit yourself to the jurisdiction of the Federal Court.  Mistakes, omissions and errors can cause your case to be dismissed.  Dismissal without discharge can cost you, money time and peace of mind.  Criminal liability can attach.

YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR, take advantage of free consultations and make sure you know what your attorney will do and more importantly what the attorney will not be doing for you. 

No one ever wants the cheapest brain surgeon, why would you look for the cheapest lawyer for bankruptcy?

Call 805 987 1400  for a FREE BANKRUPTCY telephone consultation.

Why use an Attorney for debt relief?  Bankruptcy is the legal solution to debt and insolvency issues. Bankruptcy gives you a fresh start under the protection of the Federal Courts.