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Why should you file for bankruptcy Protection?

Most clients call me months after they should started the Bankruptcy planning process.  People generally try to solve financial problems on their own.  Everyone is hoping that next month will be better.  Unfortunately that has not been the trend in our present economy. 

Questions you should ask yourself

  1. How many bills do you have;
  2. Do you make more than the minimum payment on all your accounts;
  3. Do  you only pay some of your creditors this month, and pay different creditors next month?
  4. With your present repayment budget how long will you take to repay ALL of your creditors?
  5. Do you use your paycheck to pay credit cards so you can use the credit card for necessities?
  6. Do you have a cash reserve for emergencies?
  7. Do you rely on credit to cover emergencies?  
  8. Are you involved in Civil Litigation?

Bankruptcy Protection of your property is a right you have earned. 

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